Girl with autism, epilepsy hospitalized after school fight, mother says


COLERAIN TOWNSHIP, Ohio —A mother said she has more questions than answers after her daughter got in a fight at Pleasant Run Middle School.

Tiffany Brandon, the mother of 13-year-old Anissa, said her daughter has autism and epilepsy. Brandon said a school fight landed her daughter in the hospital.

“Where was help? Where were the people to watch over her?” Brandon asked.

Brandon said the incident happened Thursday at the Colerain Township school. Prior to the fight, Brandon said Anissa was nearly lured into the bathroom by two other students.

“I am concerned (about) why there were (not) any teachers or aides at this point. There weren’t anybody there when she was about to get lured into the bathroom either,” Brandon said.

Before Anissa went into the bathroom with the two girls, Brandon said another student stepped in.

“My daughter could have been picked on all this time. But she doesn’t know she’s being picked on,” Brandon said. “She may think they’re her friends. When they were trying to lure her in the bathroom, the student said she was going. So, obviously she didn’t know she was in danger.”

According to Brandon, one of the girls who attempted to lure Anissa into the bathroom came at her daughter again.

“Moments after this, coming from recess, the seventh-grader picking on Anissa shoved her. That became a fight. Anissa had to defend herself and during this fight a seizure arose,” Brandon said.

Brandon said the seizure put Anissa in the hospital for two days.

Anissa was suspended for three days for her involvement in the fight. A spokeswoman for Pleasant Run Middle School tells WLWT they follow the district’s protocol for discipline.

Colerain Township police said they investigated and have settled the case.

Brandon said Anissa is recovering.




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