Holly Gerlach’s Journey : From Guillain-Barre Syndrome To Happily Ever After- Term life

At the age of 26, Less 3 weeks after giving birth to her first child, Holly was diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disorder, called Guillain-Barre syndrome.

It started with a pain in her neck and a weakness in her legs, and within 12 hours, she could no longer walk anymore. Within 72 hours, she was completely paralyzed and could no longer breathe on her own anymore. She was admitted to the ICU where she spent two and a half months there, breathing on a ventilator and fed through a tube in her stomach.

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When she finally started to recover, it was a long road, starting with having to learn how to breathe on her own, then how to use her muscles again. Once released from the ICU, she started ten weeks of intense physiotherapy where she learned how to walk again. It was a long four months before she was able to return home to her husband and daughter.

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Holly Gerlach has since written an inspirational book about her experience, and the challenges that she faced along the way.


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