Her Husband Dies, Then Widow Discover A Stack Of Unopened Letters From Him


When Mitchell Whisenhunt succumbed to Marfan syndrome, his grieving wife Ashley and 18-month-old daughter were left without a husband and father. But Mitchell, being the thoughtful man he was, knew that even in his absence he could somehow be there for them.

Like the late Brenda Schmitz, he never stopped thinking about his daughter and wife’s future. One day, Ashley was looking around the house when she discovered a stack of 30 letters and a notebook.

The notebook was full of poems Mitchell had written in a notebook that Ashley used before she dropped out of college to care for her ailing husband. The letters were each addressed to their daughter Brynleigh with dates on them.

For every birthday until she is 18 years old, she will have a letter from Daddy, a small gesture that will surely make a huge difference.


“Through his testimony, there is so much she is going to learn,” Ashley told ABC News. “It just blows my mind. He thought about everybody else instead of himself.”

There are still even surprises Ashley doesn’t know about that will unfold over time. The pair were together since high school and clearly they will remain together, in one way or another, until the end of time.

“He is all I ever had. We have been together since before we knew what love and life was about,” she says.

SOURCE: littlethings.com

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